The Hack-Charrette

Constant developments in the field of information technology have managed to solve many complex problems, and mobilize our advance into the future. Hackathons, which are innovation events in this industry, continue to grow as a hub for software creators to come together, solve problems, create, and innovate. These events foster innovation but exclude non-technology  voices, and […]

Design Methods Tool

Discover Design is a design methods tool – product of the collaborative effort of designers: Min Yeh, Nidhi Jalwal, Jordan Shade, Vrouyr Joubanian, and myself (Yara Safadi). The tool is meant to be used to support working through the design process. Methods of discovery, sense making and enactments help teams, communities and individuals create meaningful […]

Penn Medicine Employee Health

Collaborating with Penn Medicine Center for Innovation on Employee Health project; conducted generative research using: contextual inquiry, boundary objects, and surveys. Created multiple prototypes and tested them via a series of interviews. Delivered a recommendation for a pilot that addresses employee health concerns based on our findings.

Designing with a Good Government Think Tank

Working with the Committee of Seventy on improving their Election Protection Program, including: Improving the on-boarding experience for Seventy volunteers Focus on Seventy’s mission to improve the overall voter experience and protect voter rights Improving the program’s internal organizational management, e.g. utilizing tools like GIS for volunteer disbursement Conducted design research and utilized design tools […]


PennApps, 2014: My teammates and I created a device that continuously takes biometric readings of an infant wearer while he/she sleeps: body temperature, motion, and waking times. The persona that this product serves is mainly infants born with a congenital heart defect. The data is collected via bluetooth output from the Lilypad Arduino embedded in the product […]

Charrettes + Design Sprints

Participation in charrettes is crucial for practicing how to run through the design process and conduct quick prototyping sessions to solve problems. Working within constraints is the most important part about these sessions. Participated in: Temple Design Challenge 2013, 2014 University of the Arts Applied Design Lab, 2012, 2013 Designing for Public Conversation Design Sprint […]