The Hack-Charrette

Constant developments in the field of information technology have managed to solve many complex problems, and mobilize our advance into the future. Hackathons, which are innovation events in this industry, continue to grow as a hub for software creators to come together, solve problems, create, and innovate. These events foster innovation but exclude non-technology  voices, and lack a structure that supports effective team engagement.

The hack-charrette views hackathons as an entry-point for supporting a shift that the industry is undergoing, namely the focus on human-centered design in software. The project introduces design methods and tools into the hackathon space to support team engagement, and to improve the learning experience. It also opens the door for more diverse participants to join in deciding what our future technologies look like.

At its early stage, the results from the project have shown that the introduction of design methods and tools caused teams to brainstorm more effectively, thoughtfully consider their end user’s needs, make collaborative decisions and establish clear project goals.

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