Watson Tradeoff Analytics

A project that started in IBM research and later became an IBM Watson service. It was meant to support users in their decision making process, highlight tradeoffs and give an in-depth visual analysis of the given choices.

After 4+ years of researchers and developers working on the tool without any design involvement, I was hired to lead the UX effort to redesign the tool. With all the challenges of educating a team of scientists about design, and getting stakeholder buy-in on the importance of design, I led the design research and usability testing, the UI and visual design, and even creating a motion graphic to help simplify the core concept.

Tradeoff Analytics was put to rest as a service, and is now open source. To me, it represents a true learning experience as a one-woman-design-show on an all developer/scientist team. The real success story here is that the people I worked with are now advocates for usability and for integrating design at the beginning of tech innovation and never as an afterthought.

Below is a sample of the work.

Tradeoff Analytics + Oncology

Sample wireframes from effort to integrate the Watson Tradeoff Analytics service into a tool for Oncology.