Study Together App – UI Case Study

An app that helps students connect, collaborate and  create communities for continuous learning.
Study Together is a responsive web app, following a mobile first design approach.
This app was designed and prototyped in Figma. Now, lets dive into my process creating it!

Check out an interactive prototype here!


The Study Together app is a responsive web app that is meant to create a platform for busy students to connect with their peers, and want to stay motivated while keeping up with their studies, jobs, families, etc. 

The design of this app was part of a UI focus project. The project brief was provided.


The persona was adapted from the given project brief.

User stories + User flows

From LowFi Wireframes to Hifi Responsive Break Points

Paper prototype
LowFi wires
Mobile HiFis

Sample screen (Sharespace) in tablet, and desktop breakpoints:

Tablet break point.

Desktop break point. Moving from a 8 column grid in mobile and tablet, to a 12 column grid.

Mood board

Mood board